Tempest Tileworks in a West Hollywood Spanish Revival Home

As featured on House Method! Check out our Tempest Tileworks' 2x8 field tile in Bone / Satin as the kitchen backsplash. We love the counter to ceiling installation and wrapped edge detail at the window. See the full article and more pictures on  House Method . Thanks to Filmore Clark for introducing the client to Tempest Tileworks. Article below by Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Justin Krzyston is more than a contractor. His distinct eye for design that considers the fully adorned room as much as it does the quality of the construction has earned him a unique place in the design community and has stacked his Rolodex with names like Natalie Portman and David Hasselhoff.

We got to peek a renovation Krzyston completed with his team at Stonehurst Construction and Design. It’s a beautiful little Spanish Revival cottage in West Hollywood complete with gated privacy and modern mid-century style.

Our favorite parts of this home? The clean lines that carry from the architecture—that sleek fireplace addition, the arched doorways—to the mid-century-inspired furniture. The home, both inside and out, feels classic, orderly, thoughtful.

Architecture: Novum Architecture

Landscaping: Gregory Davis & Associates

Interior design: Jason Martin Design

Screenshot (665).png

Here’s what Krzyston had to say about the redesign.

What was the house like prior to the remodel?

The home was well maintained but needed a major update. The homeowners completed a bathroom remodel a few years prior, but the living spaces and specifically the kitchen were in major need of an update.

Favorite part of the home?

I love the living room—we added a fireplace in this room. I also really like the tiles we used in the kitchen from Filmore Clark in West Hollywood.

Any fantastic details that a layman might not notice?

The fireplace was part of our addition! I built a custom mantel and designed an arch detail and then plastered over the entire face so it looked as it had always been a part of the room.