Tempest Tileworks in a West Hollywood Spanish Revival Home

As featured on House Method! Check out our Tempest Tileworks' 2x8 field tile in Bone / Satin as the kitchen backsplash. We love the counter to ceiling installation and wrapped edge detail at the window. See the full article and more pictures on  House Method . Thanks to Filmore Clark for introducing the client to Tempest Tileworks. Article below by Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Justin Krzyston is more than a contractor. His distinct eye for design that considers the fully adorned room as much as it does the quality of the construction has earned him a unique place in the design community and has stacked his Rolodex with names like Natalie Portman and David Hasselhoff.

We got to peek a renovation Krzyston completed with his team at Stonehurst Construction and Design. It’s a beautiful little Spanish Revival cottage in West Hollywood complete with gated privacy and modern mid-century style.

Our favorite parts of this home? The clean lines that carry from the architecture—that sleek fireplace addition, the arched doorways—to the mid-century-inspired furniture. The home, both inside and out, feels classic, orderly, thoughtful.

Architecture: Novum Architecture

Landscaping: Gregory Davis & Associates

Interior design: Jason Martin Design

Screenshot (665).png

Here’s what Krzyston had to say about the redesign.

What was the house like prior to the remodel?

The home was well maintained but needed a major update. The homeowners completed a bathroom remodel a few years prior, but the living spaces and specifically the kitchen were in major need of an update.

Favorite part of the home?

I love the living room—we added a fireplace in this room. I also really like the tiles we used in the kitchen from Filmore Clark in West Hollywood.

Any fantastic details that a layman might not notice?

The fireplace was part of our addition! I built a custom mantel and designed an arch detail and then plastered over the entire face so it looked as it had always been a part of the room.

Dimensional Tile Love

Dimensional pattern at it's best. Modern but timeless tile, all handcrafted in the USA by the talented Arto (CA), Syzygy (NM), Monkey Works (WA), and ModCraft (NY). Each can be ordered in the glaze of your choice and all are available through our showroom. 

Arto Tile: Buckle / Indian Wells Residence

Arto Tile: Buckle / Hollywood, CA Residence

Syzygy Tile: Eclipse

Syzygy Tile: Nebula

Syzygy Tile: Undulation

Syzygy Tile: Quasar

Monkey Works: Facets

Monkey Works: Facets

Monkey Works: Tumbling Blocks

 ModCraft Tile: Hudson / Di Zock Design / Photography by Bret Gum

ModCraft Tile: Hudson / Di Zock Design / Photography by Bret Gum



ModCraft Tile: Hudson / Atomic Ranch Magazine / Daniel O'connor Photography

Check us out in Luxe Magazine! Nov/Dec 2017 Issue.

We were honored to be interviewed by Mimi Faucett for a feature in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine. Full interview below!

Words By Mimi Faucet 

The robust collection of ceramic tiles at Portland-based Tempest Tileworks range from milky-toned field tiles to signature, so-called “wall tapestries,” which are large-scale ceramic murals dense with textile-quality pattern. Founded in 2006 by Andy Morrison and Leigh O’Dell, Tempest’s team employs traditional silkscreening methods and bespoke coloring processes to animate the clay, often deriving inspiration from antique prints and time-honored Italian fabric houses, such as Fortuny. “I love a sense of history, real and imagined,” says Morrison. We caught up with the pair to learn more about the inner workings of Tempest.

Where in Portland are you located?

Leigh O’Dell: Inner Southeast, next to Big Branch Woodworking. There are many makers all over Portland right now–whether they’re distilling liquor, making ceramics or woodworking. You can find anything here in Portland.

What inspires Tempest’s designs?

Andy Morrison: You never know what’s going to transpire into a final product. We are presented with design challenges on most days. Everything from, “Can you create a color based on my favorite this or that,” to, “Can you re-imagine this doodle into a repeating pattern.”

You often refer to tile as one would to tapestry or fabric. Tell us about this.

LO: Tapestries, fabrics and wallpaper were traditionally used to cover and enhance entire walls. Our patterned tiles do just the same. Tile does not have to be limited to a kitchen backsplash or bath shower.

How much of your work is custom?

AM: I think of all jobs as custom. This tile, most likely, will be looked at and hopefully enjoyed for years, even decades to come.

Quote to live by:

LO: The quote that is on our website by William Morris: “Whatever you have in your rooms think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home, and if you do not make some sacrifices in their favor you will find your chambers have a kind of makeshift, lodging-house look about them.”