Tempest Tileworks 3x6 Dove Gloss / Kitchen Design: Molly Littlejohn Design / Photography: Spin Photography


We do custom...

Whether it is our print or yours, we can customize decorative tiles to suit your aesthetic and space. A wide range of field tiles can also be customized to your liking. Send us an inquiry about your special project!

Leigh Odell and Andy Morrison have been in the tile industry over 20 years. Since 2006 they have co-owned and operated Tempest Tileworks, a handmade tile studio in Portland Oregon. With backgrounds in architecture, interiors and art history, coupled with a love for travel, Andy and Leigh draw their inspiration from the antique etchings of past centuries. Through their art and craft they tame earth, air, water and fire to create a unique collection of handmade tile.

Tempest’s decorative tiles are brought to life through a silk screening process while the field tiles and trims are made the old fashioned way – hand rolled, hand cut, hand stacked, hand glazed. The surface of each tile is created to bounce and reflect light as a shimmering lake does at sunset. Along with the individual decos and panels Tempest has an impressive collection of patterned tiles created as “tile wall tapestries”.


Blue, or...

We offer a full range of colors for any of our decorative prints, field tiles and trims.

LAYERED WASHES with GLOSS CRACKLE GLAZE: Each tile is hand brushed in the color of your choice. Shown here are our crackle glaze color options. Satin finish also available.

LAYERED WASHES with STANDARD GLOSS GLAZE: Noncrackle gloss glaze color palette. Satin finish also available.

Hand Painted Decorative Tiles: Any of our prints can be hand painted in any of these colors

Print Color Options: For any of our screen prints or tapestry tiles

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